Random Information

NPCs Excluded from the PK Server

Horea - Blacksmith NPC in Idaloran that sells Steel and Titanium Armor
Crisan - Blacksmith NPC in Emerald Valley Trade Route that sells Great Swords

Attack & Defense
Limited to level 100
No experience from Player versus Player

No Cooldown
From food to potions to rings, cooldown is 1 second only


No harvesting mini events

Somewhere in Kilaran Field you will come across bags with mercury

Items Available from the EL Shop
Rosto $1
Invasion meters $10 for 20
Vial molds $1
Arrow head molds $1
Alembic's $1

Name changes $10

Clothes and Hats (check the Shop for items and prices)

EL PK Server Rankings


Safe areas on EL PK server


- Isla Prima
- White Stone docks, city, inside
- Desert Pines storage, fast-read library
- Valley of the Dwarves dock, city, insides (multi-combat)
- Nordcarn city, storage (multi-combat)
- Portland city
- Tarsengaard city, inside

- Idaloran city
- Palon Vertas city (PK south of the storage NPC)
- Melinis city
- Sedicolis city
- Thelinor city
- Arius city
- North Redmoon city

(information gathered by pk server players, special thanks to bkc56)

When in doubt try to attack yourself and the message provided will inform you if the area is PK or not.

The lands are still being scouted and more information will be added in the future.
To contribute to this list just reply the information as a comment on this post.


PK Server Guilds

A list of all active guilds on the server, with and without a website.

-Z- - -Z-
(>RT<) - >RT< CotM - Children of the Matrix
- Eternal Guardians

eGow - eGow
LVL^ - Level-up (Suppliers guild)
PL - Guild Poland
OMA - One Man Army
Spam - Suppliers Producers and Mixers
Thor - Thor
Vero - Vero (Suppliers Guild)
Yar! - Pirates of Draia

If you have a guild on the server that isn't on this list, please post the name in a comment to this post so it can be updated.


EL PK Server Rules

PK Server Rules

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1. Don't macro
2. Don't be really nasty (especially on channels)
3. No unapproved clients.
4. Don't try to hax people.
5. Multiplaying is OK.
6. You can go off topic on the channels, unless until there are like 100+ players playing at once.
7. More permissive language.
8. Rostogol Stones are $1 each from Eternal Lands' online store

PK Server Community Rules
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Rule 1. None Shall PK during Spawned Invasions
Rule 2. None shall use Excessive vulgarity in channel 1. If you are asked to stop the vulgarity by anyone consider it a community warning.
Rule 3. Scamming shall not be done.

Name Change Rules
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- limited to 1 character name change per month


PK Server Clock

Thank you very much to Radu and Ghrae that made this possible.

From now on it will be possible to verify if the time and if there is a special day undergoing by accessing a dedicated page to the PK Server on www.el-cel.com.

The information is presented the same way as for the Main Server. If you want to know if there is any special day undergoing or if Leonard (alpha) is roaming Irilion, check with the Clock.

NOTE: The page is currently under testing. The information may be incorrect sometimes.


PK Server Merchant NPC

NPC located at White Stone City's Market (Seridia)

NPC Located at Idaloran Docks' Market (Irilion)

Last time these NPCs were visited they were selling:

Burebista --- 

Dacia --- 

Decebal --- Thor Guild
Leather Boots, Iron Helm, Steel Shield, Ring of Isla Prima, Ring od Desert Pines, Moon Medallion, Health Essences

Sarmisegetuza --- Herö Guild
Iron Bar, Quartz, Potion of Great Healing, Potion of Extra Mana

Traian ---- 


The PK Server Blog

The idea that lead to the creation of this blog aims to provide a public space where Eternal Lands PK Server players can post or access information that is specific to the Server.

Some people already did some scouting for safe areas, missing NPC's, 1 second cool down and other elements that can be posted here and made available to all but specially to those who don't yet play on the PK Server but are curious about it.

If you think this idea is good for the community and you would like to help by posting information you have already gathered for yourself contact me so I can add you and we can start a team for this blog to flourish.

Call to arms
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